Good Mental Tips for Kids & Adults


1. Most importantly is to prioritize your own wellbeing first:

  •  This will keep you present and supportive of your family.

2.  Model and imagine of how you want your children to express and behave:

  • the way you respond to your emotions and negative behaviors
  • present the way you want your children to learn and imitate.

3. Limit the use of social media and technology at your home:

  • school day no technology unless it is for school purposes
  • limit the technology usage down to max hours per day

4.  A good balanced diet and enough family time, and good quality sleep:

  • A good breakfast daily (difficult for me too)
  • Playing board game after dinner
  • Sleep time for kids (6 or more hours); adults varies (i just need 5 hours)

5. Encourage your family to connect daily or often face to face

  • weekend gathering with friends and family especially during the holidays, birthday, etc.

6.  Some warning signs of a problem:

  • Severe changes in appetite or sleep
  • Not doing or enjoying usual activities
  • Showing deep sadness, aggression, isolation, or difficulty controlling their behavior
  • Having thoughts of harming oneself or others
  • Suffering from severe chest pain or panic attacks
  • Using drugs or alcohol repeatedly

7. Where to find help:

  • Call us for questions or to make an appointment
  • Reach out to your insurance for an in-network therapist
  • Search in GoodTherapy - Find the Right Therapist
  • Call your school or Call the 211 Hotline during a crisis

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