The Best Time To Take Vitamins, According To Pharmacist’s Experience

Asking and seeking professional advice about best time to take your supplements, isn’t a bad idea!

Ensuring your body receives its daily nutrient requirements primarily hinges on maintaining a balanced diet. However, with the hustle and bustle of modern life, meeting these needs solely through food can sometimes prove challenging. That's where vitamins or multivitamins step in – as a recommended and effective way to supplement your diet, approved by experts. If you're mulling over incorporating a vitamin regimen into your routine, let's dive into expert insights, including the optimal timing for vitamin consumption.

Drawing from extensive experiences and years of research, it's evident that certain medications require separation from vitamins. Take, for instance, multivitamins that can inadvertently interfere with each other. Although both zinc and copper are vital minerals, they compete for absorption within the body. In cases of high zinc intake, it could potentially hamper copper absorption. Dr. Shivdasani advises a staggered approach: "Consider taking them at different intervals throughout the day; for instance, zinc in the morning and copper in the afternoon or evening." Additionally, calcium can hinder iron absorption if taken simultaneously, further emphasizing the importance of strategic timing.

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