Insomnia, insomnia is an obsession for many people nowadays. This condition is not only common among the elderly but also among the young. Although the causes of insomnia can come from a variety of reasons, ways to improve the condition are just a few common notes.
Here are the 6 simplest ways to improve and improve your sleep quality, check with LL Supplements Vietnam!

1️⃣ Avoid daytime naps
Although naps are beneficial, prolonged or not both can negatively affect daytime sleep. Sleeping a lot during the day can confuse your biological rhythm and make sleep at night more difficult.

2️⃣ Do not use electronic devices before bedtime
Blue light is emitted from electronic devices such as phones, computers, etc. will prevent the production of melatonin - the hormone that helps relax and deep sleep. Therefore, disconnect or limit the use of electronic devices before going to bed.

3️⃣ No caffeine 6 hours before bedtime
Caffeine consumption at the end of the day stimulates the nervous system and can prevent the body from naturally relaxing at night. It is worth noting that caffeine can remain in the blood for a very long time after consumption. Caffeine depletion can last 6-8 hours. So experts do not recommend caffeine in the afternoon until bedtime.

4️⃣ Determining the biological clock of the body
The body has a biological rhythm like a loop. So having a stable sleep and sleeping time will support your sleep quality very well. Develop a habit of waking up and going to bed at the same times for a period of time to fix the body's biological clock.

5️⃣ Lower the temperature in the bedroom
Your body temperature changes when you go to sleep: lower when you lie down and warmer when you get up. Excessive room temperature can make it difficult for you to sleep. 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal room temperature for a good sleep.

6️⃣ Don't eat at night about 4 hours before bed
Eating late at night can negatively affect both sleep quality and the release of GH hormones and melatonin. Eat at least 4 hours before bed so that the body has enough time to digest.

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