Not easy to be women and one ways to protect healthy nails?

Clean nails not only improve hand and foot stimulation. At the same time the character in it also has additional features. Maintaining the superiority of women's nails is a bit difficult. The less water you use to keep your nails beautiful, the better. Yet, virtually everything made by women contains water that is supposed to be slightly sought after and handled with care.

Usually we do manicure, pedicure in nail care. However, these are very expensive and tedious. Where time and cash.

So do not take care of the nails?

Let's know some tips today on how to make the knuckles of hands and feet attractive:

Yellowing of nails: Lemon juice helps to brighten the color of nails. Soak the nails in a container with lemon juice for a while. If you wash your hands well, then you can see that the normal color of the nails has returned. It is possible to reduce the yellowing of the nails by following this method after a few days.

Dirt of nails: Mix shampoo and salt in lukewarm water and keep the nails wet. After a while rub the nails and around it with a soft brush. This will cause dead cells and dirt to rise.

Stop breaking: For this, nails should be filed properly. Moreover, nails should not be filed after bathing or wetting hands. Because the nails are soft at this time so it can be broken easily. To strengthen the nails, you can massage petroleum olive oil on the nails before going to bed at night. Also, it is never right to make the nails too big, as it is more likely to break the nails.

Use the right nail polish: Many people like to paint with nail polish. But nail polish should be applied at intervals of a few days so that the nails can breathe. In that case nail polish should be applied again 5/6 days after nail polish removal. And nail polish genes are of good quality and good brand, it should be noted. Cheap nail polish contains lead, a type of metal that is harmful to the nails.

Take care of the inside: You don't just have to take care of the outside of the nails. You need to take care of the inside, so you need to eat foods rich in vitamin B, protein, calcium and iron. Many times nails are broken due to lack of nutrition.

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