Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule that is vital for providing energy to the muscles, and Cordyceps is considered to boost the synthesis of this molecule in your body. This may help your body utilize oxygen more efficiently and enhance oxygenated blood flow throughout your body.

Researchers examined the influence of Cordyceps on exercise capacity in 30 healthy older individuals using a stationary bike in one study. Participants received either 3 g of Cordyceps or a placebo tablet for six weeks. Participants who took Cordyceps had a 7% rise in VO2 max, whereas those who took a dummy pill saw no change. (VO2 max is a fitness-level indicator.)

Additionally, one research examined the benefits of a mushroom blend, including Cordyceps, on exercise performance in younger individuals. After three weeks, participants' VO2 max rose by 11% compared to the placebo group.

Due to these benefits, Cordyceps is frequently utilized by athletes and exercise enthusiasts to increase stamina, strength, and overall performance.  

In brief, Cordyceps + VitD 1000 may help you maintain a healthy energy level during exercise and improve your daily performance, allowing you to deal effectively with everyday stressors. 

In addition, my Cordyceps supplement includes Vitamin D in 100% DV, which is necessary for the growth and function of bones and teeth, hence improving your performance.