Reduces Cancer Risks

Research suggests the Cordyceps may exhibit anti-tumor properties in numerous ways.

In test-tube tests, Cordyceps has been proven to prevent the development of several kinds of human cancer cells, namely colon, skin, lung, and liver cancers. Studies in mice have also demonstrated that Cordyceps had anti-tumor effects on melanoma, lymphoma, and lung cancer.

Additionally, Cordyceps may potentially counteract the negative effects associated with several kinds of cancer therapy. One of these adverse effects is leukopenia, a disease in which the number of white blood cells (leukocytes) declines, weakening the body's immune system and raising the risk of infection.

Cordyceps was studied in mice that developed leukopenia following radiation and treatment with Taxol, a commonly used chemotherapy medication. As it turns out, the cordyceps made the leukopenia go away! These findings imply that fungus may contribute to the reduction of problems associated with some cancer therapies.

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