Models have to keep their skin clear as their career requires their skin to be healthy!

To keep skin clear ia not an easy job.

1.Visit Dermatologist.

Models usually visit Dermatologist for their skin problems and treatment.Also dermatologists recommend models a special diet plan for skin according to their skin types and problems.

2.They drink lots and lots of water!

Drinking water helps to clear toxins and impurities from the blood.

The less the toxins in blood,more healthy the skin.

Soak some favourite fruits in water for 1 hr and drink.(This helps to extract vitamins from fruits into water)

Drinking more water hydrates the skin and keeps skin tighter and healthier.

Some dermatologists also suggest blood purifiers to models.

3.Massaging and other facial treatments.

Massaging face helps to increase blood flow to skin. More blood circulation makes skin cells healthy and glowing.

They carry out their skin routine properly.


1.) Ice bath for skin.(closing pores)

2.)steam for face(opening pores)

3.)Face masks

4.)Face nourishing and hydrating creams.

5.)collagen treatment.

4.)Using collagen and hydrating creams:

Collagen is main element of skin.Using collagen cream makes skin tighter and prevents wrinkles.

Hydrating creams with contents like hyaluronic acid helps skin to be softer and moist.

5.Maintaining Healthy lifestyle.

They eat healthy food.They maintain their protien,fats and carbohydrate intake in their diet. They eat eggs,meat,fish and lots of veggies and fruits.They provide antioxidants and protiens for glowing skin.

They keep an eye on calorie intake.They balance it with exercise. They reduce sugar intake . No sugars. Only fruit sugars are healthy.

6.Exercise, meditation and yoga

Exercise helps body to lose calories and to maintain shape.Shape of face also becomes very attractive by exercising.

Exercise actually makes difference in skin texture and glowing of skin.Exerciseincrease blood circulation throughout the body helps to get more nutrition to skin cells taht makes skin healthy and glowing.

Many celebrities do yoga for maintaing their shape of 20’s.

-Bella Hadid

Meditation is also used by many models to keep your mind clear of thoughts and bring positivity to life.

7.Keeping gut healthy

They keep their gut healthy by drinking more water and dietary fibers. Dietary fibers help to maintain gut health.Dieatary fibers are lentils,vegetables,nuts,etc.

Chia seeds and flax seeds help for maintaing weight and also improves gut health.

Chia seeds soaked in fruit juices helps a lot!

8.Keep vitamin and antioxidant levels proper.

This is mainly done by eating fruits,leafy vegetables daily.

They also eat dry fruits and nuts for antioxidants.

They have fruit juice for vitamins.

They eat Citrus fruits for vitamin c.Vitamin C helps to build collagen in the skin.

Nutritionalists also suggest vitamin and antioxidant tablets.Women models are often anemic and they are suggested to increase iron and vitamin C in body(as lot of iron is lost in menstruation).

9.Wash face in intervals of time.

They keep their face clean.They wash face often.Removing excess oils from face prevents acne problems.

10.Apply sunscreen or sun blockers.

Whenever they go outdoors,they protect their skin from harmful uv rays of sun by applying sunscreen to face and arms.Sunscreens also protect skin from pollution.

They use goggles and scarfs for protecting face from the sun.

11.Clean up makeup as early as possible.

Make up cosmetics has many harmful chemicals that can damage skin.Models clean up make up as early posaible to keep skin to get fresh air and retain moisture.

You can also keep your skin healthy from these tips.

 credit to : Bhargavi 

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